Squirrels can be pesky and if you want them to stop climbing up your bird feeder pole, then buy a small metal slinky and attach it to your bird feeder pole.  After a while, when they figure out how to get past that, get a round plastic bowl and put a hole on the bottom and slide it up the pole.


If you do not have a bird feeder pole and just have the feeder, either buy a caged feeder or buy a special feeder called a yankee flipper.  Watch this video, it’s really funny – flip the squirrel  .  I recommend the caged feeder because there is no way for the squirrel to get the feed and on youtube I have seen a yankee being beaten.  Also it is much cheaper, but the cheapest and easiest way is to put chilli powder in the feed because birds don’t have a sense of taste so they wont feel the heat where as squirrels do and their mouth gets spiced up.

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