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This is a murmuration performed by starlings. I think they are really, really cool. Advertisements

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Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker

This is a Male Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker I know it is male because it has a red spot on its head. When it gets older the red spot moves back to the back of its head.

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This is a picture of a male and female starling. The male is the darker one with its beak open. I don’t know much about starlings, because they don’t come to our garden very often. I do know that they … Continue reading

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Squirrels can be pesky and if you want them to stop climbing up your bird feeder pole, then buy a small metal slinky and attach it to your bird feeder pole.  After a while, when they figure out how to … Continue reading

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Eagle owl in Full Flight

I took these pictures quite along time ago, when I was at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey and I would recommend it is really fun. The Eagle Owl is absolutely huge and it is probably my personal favourite owl.

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Baby Garden Spiders

Look at these nice spiders if you look closely you can see a black splodge on their back and here is a cool fact about them; they make their own webs already and they are only babies, they are baby … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

This is my blog, started so that I can blog about all the animals that I see.  I don’t live in Africa, so hopefully there will be no lions in my garden, but yesterday there was a woodpecker and today … Continue reading

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