Summer in Sri Lanka



Went to Sri Lanka for our summer holidays and saw sooo many animals.  Most exciting was when we saw ‘The Gathering’ of wild elephants.  More to follow as I have lots of photos.

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Female Stag Beetle


This is a female Stag Beetle, which is waiting for a mate. Male Stag Beetles have big horns and that is how I can tell the difference.

I took this photo in my garden in June when stag beetles were flying around and mating.  this was unusually late as they usually are around in May but it was delayed this year because of the cold weather.

Stag Beetles are quite rare but there are  a lot where I live in South-East London.  We see lots every year.

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This is a murmuration performed by starlings. I think they are really, really cool.

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Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker

This is a Male Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker I know it is male because it has a red spot on its head. When it gets older the red spot moves back to the back of its head.Image

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This is a picture of a male and female starling. The male is the darker one with its beak open. I don’t know much about starlings, because they don’t come to our garden very often. I do know that they fly in flocks and do really cool flying routines called murmurations.


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Squirrels can be pesky and if you want them to stop climbing up your bird feeder pole, then buy a small metal slinky and attach it to your bird feeder pole.  After a while, when they figure out how to get past that, get a round plastic bowl and put a hole on the bottom and slide it up the pole.


If you do not have a bird feeder pole and just have the feeder, either buy a caged feeder or buy a special feeder called a yankee flipper.  Watch this video, it’s really funny – flip the squirrel  .  I recommend the caged feeder because there is no way for the squirrel to get the feed and on youtube I have seen a yankee being beaten.  Also it is much cheaper, but the cheapest and easiest way is to put chilli powder in the feed because birds don’t have a sense of taste so they wont feel the heat where as squirrels do and their mouth gets spiced up.

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Eagle owl in Full Flight


IMG_0384 I took these pictures quite along time ago, when I was at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey and I would recommend it is really fun. The Eagle Owl is absolutely huge and it is probably my personal favourite owl.

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